Welcome to the Mythic Space Wiki!

Mythic Space is the space opera campaign that I’ve always wanted to run ever since I first got into RPG’s. It takes a bit of everything from TV, Movies, Comic Books, and other RPG’s and pours it all into one giant kitchen sink setting. In Mythic Space, players may go to Hoth to battle Wampas and Ice Ghouls and then flit across the quadrant to take on Satyxis pirates harassing merchants on the edge of Concord space. Mythic Space is pretty out there and gonzo, but I try to present it in a way that the mish-mash makes a semblance of sense.

This wiki was started as a way of helping keep my thoughts and ideas organized. Most of the material comes from my blog, which can be found here. Most new material can be found there and it will make it’s way here.

There are two systems that I use for Mythic Space just depending on the time I have for prep and group preference: Savage Worlds and Rogue Space. I’ve also been working on a homebrew system inspired by Stars Without Number, Alternity, and D20 Modern/Future, but work on that system has been put on hold as I’d much rather write setting details rather than rules.

On last note: chances are there will be few session reports on this page. Actual play is pretty tough to come by these days, so most of the time that Mythic Space does get ran I’m focused more on the fun and less on making good notes. This is mostly going to be a wiki for the campaign than anything else.

Mythic Space