Quick Note: There are a lot of Centaurian species in sci-fi. Centaurians in Mythic Space are those found in Babylon 5. However, I don’t want to just chuck out any other interesting species with the name “Centauri”, so they are going to get renamed and placed into other parts of the galaxy. With that, here’s how Marvel’s Centaurians fit into Mythic Space…

Betaurians hail from the fourth planet in the Betauri system, not far from both Minbari and Badoon space. Until recently, they lived simple, primitive, yet fulfilling lives. Now, they are coming to terms that much of what they thought they knew of the universe was wrong as they’ve been thrust onto the galactic stage.

It wasn’t long ago that the Betaurians would look up at the stars in the night sky and see heroes and monsters and tales of great deeds. They knew that their world was the gift to them from the elemental spirits to protect and safeguard against their own desire to want and destroy. They lived primitive lives in nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers. Betaurians built few permanent structures, and most of those that they did were religious in significance. Their only real technology was the adaptation of the sound sensitive metal, yaka, for use as their arrow shafts. By giving out whistles of a certain pitch, yaka arrows can change direction, allowing Betaurian hunters to strike at prey from behind cover.

When the Badoon struck, the only war that most Betaurians had known were small skirmishes with rival tribes, but such conflicts were rarely very bloody. The Badoon assault was relentless and decimated much of the Betaurian species in the first couple of days. They fought back, but their yaka arrows and warclubs were no match against Badoon energy weapons, advanced military tactics, and war machines. If it were not for the timely arrival of the Minbari, there likely would not be any Betaurians alive today.

The Badoon, upon determining that the invasion has failed, released toxin bombs in the atmosphere to poison the atmosphere of Betauri IV. The Minbari evacuated as many survivors as they could, but the loss of Betaurian life was staggering. The Betaurians were settled on the planet, Moruslan in the Tinneb system in Minbari space, where the remaining estimated surviving 24% of the Betaurian population now call home.

Typically the Minbari would not get involved with the affairs of other species, especially primitive species out of fear of contaminating their natural cultural and societal evolution. However, the ferocity of the Badoon assault forced them into action. Knowing that irreparable damage to their culture had already been done, the Minbari decided to keep a presence on Moruslan, a couple starports that house a garrison of Warrior Caste troops, several Worker Caste technicians, and even a couple representatives of the Religious Caste. The warriors would be the first line of defense should the Badoon attempt to strike again. While the other castes were there to offer food, answer questions about the galaxy, and to help in any other ways the Betaurians would need. They would not go out of their way to interact with the Betaurians, and for many months the Betaurians steered clear of the starports, but they knew that eventually curiosity about everything they had witnessed would get the better of some of their number.

The Badoons’ attempt at genocide was horrifying to the Betaurians, but they were just as terrified of the Minbari at first as well. All they knew was that monsters in metal clouds that hurl terrible lightning and fire at each other had suddenly appeared. Surely the spirits were angry about some unknown slight, but it was obvious that they wanted them to go with the Minbari…for now. As they entered into Minbari space, they saw other lifeforms, different starships, other worlds, and even cities in space! It was difficult to comprehend, and still is, for most Betaurians. As they began the process of learning the ways of their new homeworld, many shamans insisted that the spirits are angry and demand more supplication and sacrifice from the Betaurians. A few shamans even suggested that the spirits are demanding blood sacrifices, something that did not sit will with many of the peaceful Betaurians. One shaman, Undrote, began to consolidate power through tactics of fear and intimidation. Before he was finally slain by some brave Betaurians that had had enough of his violence and fear-mongering, 100 Betaurians had been “offered” to the spirits.

Today, most Betaurians still live primitive lives following herds of kuldu (a sort of buffalo/horse hybrid) and honoring the elemental spirits. However, more and more young Betaurians leave Moruslan every generation to learn more about the galaxy at large. Due to this, the Minbari have sponsored the Betaurians as candidates for membership in the Galactic Concord of their own accord. (Being essentially a vassal state of the Minbari, Betaurians are already members of the Concord.) A few Betaurians have even entered into the Concord Naval Academy or enlisted as soldiers in the Concord Navy, though most are content to travel and study among the stars. These young Betaurians do not tend to revere the elemental spirits as their parents and their parents before them, which puts them at odds with more traditional Betaurians who fear their are losing their culture.

Betaurians are humanoids that stand around 6 feet tall, but the dorsal fin that runs from the tops of their heads down their backs can make them clear 7 feet. Their skin is blue of varying hues from baby blue, to blue green, to a deep, dark navy, with their dorsal fins ranging from bright red to a darker, almost maroon color. They are hairless, except some males are able to grow sparse black hair on their upper lip and chins. Betaurian ears are pointed. They are a marsupial species. Female Betaurians have a pouch on their stomach in which their carry their young until they are old enough to walk and run on their own (usually around 7-8 months old). Other than their outward physical characteristics (fins, pouch), Betaurians share the same physical form as most other humanoid species, with the same gender dimorphism, and the same hand and foot design. Tattoos are popular among Betaurians, with the markings having various religious and personal meanings.

Betaurians for Savage Worlds
Attribute Increase: Betaurians start play with a d6 in Agility.
Alertness: Betaurian senses are a cut above the average, they start play with the Alertness Background Edge.
Low Tech: Betaurians, even those that have embraced galactic society, start play with the Minor version of the Low Tech Hindrance.
Racial Enemy: Despite their generally peaceful natures, Betaurians carry a burning hatred for the wanton slaughter of their people and the destruction of the homeworld. Betaurians suffer a -4 penalty to Charisma when dealing with a Badoon, and are likely to attack at the slightest provocation.

New Combat Edge
Yaka Whistler
Requirements: Seasoned, Betaurian
A Betaurian using a bow with an arrow made from Yaka metal can cause the arrow to change course allowing him to turn a miss into a successful hit. Upon rolling a miss, the character may roll the attack again against either the original target or a nearby target. However, the attack roll suffers a -2 penalty when attempting to strike a nearby target or a -4 penalty if trying to strike the original target.

Betaurians for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Betaurians can be Soldiers and receive a +1 bonus to either Fighting or Empathy.
Yaka Arrows: Betaurians can cause a arrow made of Yaka metal to change course, allowing them an additional attack against either their original target or another nearby target when the initial attack fails. This is done by rolling another attack, but adding either a -2 penalty is attacking a different nearby target, or a -3 penalty if attempting to attack the original target.
Primitive: Betaurians come from a primitive culture and therefore suffer a -2 penalty when attempting to utilize any gear of a tech level beyond simple weapons and tools.
Psionics: Betaurians can be espers with Empath being the most common power.


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