Bolian_security_officer.jpgBolians are a humanoid species known for their drive, work ethic, and ability to work well with others, both Bolian and not. This ability to collaborate with others from sometimes wildly divergent cultures has made them a valuable member of the Galactic Concord.

Physical Description/Biology: Bolains are humanoid about the same general height and weight as humans, but they tend to be slightly shorter and stockier than humans. Their skin ranges in color from yellowish-green to a darker blue-green in shade. Their blood is also high in cobalt, so it is dark blue in color.

The most distinct feature of Bolians is the ridge that runs from the back of their necks down the center of their aces and ending at the front of their necks. Smaller ridges run perpendicular to the main ridge down the sides of their heads. Many Bolians try to accentuate their ridges by shaving their heads. This draws the eye to the ridge and their ears, which are longer than those of humans. Bolians see a bald head as a symbol of confidence and beauty. Those that decide to grow out their hair usually only do so when they live primarily around non-Bolians. Bolian hair ranges from stark white to a somewhat silvery blonde in color.

Personality: Bolians are a very friendly and helpful species. As stated earlier, they work well with others and work best in a group. In fact, they put more importance on the success of the group than on individual accomplishments. However, while they do prefer their team to excel, Bolians do strive for positive comments about their performance. Small “atta-boys” go a long with with Bolians, far farther than any grandiose trophy or award. In fact, many Bolians will become moody and taciturn if they don’t feel like their contribution is being noticed or appreciated.

Their desire to achieve success within a team can lead Bolians to “tweak” the group dynaic. This can lead them to appear to be incessant busybodies when all they are attempting to do is subtly nudge the group is a more efficient direction. If their team isn’t performing up to standards, Bolians can become stern critics of the team and its members. Still, they try to find friendly ways to improve performance, which can cause them to look into all areas of their teammates lives, something that not all species appreciate.

Homeworld: Bolians hail from Bolarus IX in the Bolia System. The planet is covered mostly in water with a scattering of small landmasses.

Religion: Bolians do not have a true religion, but a set of shared legends and folktales about their ancestral home on the planet of Myrmidon in the Myrroni system not far from Bolia where they call home. Many Bolians will still make a pilgrimage to Myrmidon to hear the tales of the Bolians and the now dead Bolastre and visit the ruins that dot the world.

Mutations: Bolians do not suffer from wild mutation like humans and many near-humans.

Cybernetics: Bolians can be installed with cybernetics like most other species. Easily spotted head and facial cybernetics are seen as unsightly and unattractive, but that is the only stigma tied to the use of cybernetics.

Psionics: Bolians can be psions, though the number in each generation is slightly lower than that in humans and other species.

Bolian Species Traits (Savage Worlds)
· Team Players: When a Bolian takes part in a Cooperative roll, each success grants them a +2 the roll and a +1 for each raise up to a maximum of 5 (over the usual maximum of 4).
· Friendly: Bolians are a very friendly and cheerful people, this grants them a +2 bonus to Charisma.
· Loyal: Bolians are loyal to a fault and start play with the Loyal hindrance.

Bolian Species Traits (Rogue Space)
Archetypes: Soldiers and Technicians, and add +1 to either Fighting or Repair.
Friendly: Bolians start play with an additional +1 to Empathy.
Psionics: Bolians can be espers with Empath being the most common power.


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