Galadorians are a species of near-humans from the planet, Galador in the Goldarak Sector. They are a wise and learned people devoted to peace cooperation between the species of the galaxy, but they are best known for being the first and ultimately last line of defense against the Dire Wraiths of the Dark Nebula.

Galadorian culture is one devoted to peace and prosperity. They are a calm and scholarly people, though that has not always been the case. Before the Wraith War, Galadorian society was split into rival nations, each vying for more wealth, power, and prestige. This drove their space race, which led to their contact with the Dire Wraiths. The Dire Wraiths were a threat on par with dangers only imagined by Galadorian sci-fi authors of the time. The technical superiority of the Dire Wraiths forces the rival states to set aside their bickering and work together. The end result being a unified Galador.

After the Wraith War, the Galadorians began to carefully explore deeper into space. At first they were constantly wary of discovering another species that wanted nothing more than their destruction, but they found many other species that mostly just wanted to conduct trade and live their lives. However, they also found a galaxy full of needless war and strife all in the name of wealth, power, and prestige, much like how they used to be before becoming a unified people. Therefore, the Galadorians attempted to “light the path” to any culture that would listen. This has given Galadorians the reputation of being akin to space-faring evangelists; known more for their preaching of showing a unified front to the darkness of the universe than for their scientific discoveries and the treasures of their culture.

Politically, Galador has met with many stellar nations. They have trade negotiations with many single nations and alliances, but have declined offers to join both the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and the Galactic Concord. Out of the two, they have joined forces with the Concord more than most. While Galadorians see the Concord as a real possible force for true, lasting peace in the Alpha Quadrant and beyond, they still feel that they are too quick to go to war and to slow to rout out corruption in their own ranks. So for now, the Galadorians are content to sit on the proverbial sidelines and wait.

Galador itself is a beautiful world. They spend most of their resources toward furthering scientific and artistic pursuits. Their universities are quickly gaining a reputation throughout the Alpha Quadrant for being some of the finest in charted space. These qualities have lead to Galador becoming a popular destination for both students and tourists. That said, while their culture is quite advanced, the shadow of the Dark Nebula looms over Galador constantly. Couple that with Galador being an unaligned power with a reputation for being more interested in peace rather than war, and that makes Galador and it’s colonies targets for raiders, pirates and rogue stellar nations. However, Galador has a strong military. While no match for the Concord, Klingons, or Peacekeepers, they are still a force to reckon with. Ironically, even though their science and culture are well renowned, it’s their mobile battle armor that has given them the most notoriety.

During the Wraith War, Galadorian scientists developed a suit of power armor with a level of dexterity unmatched in charted space. The armor, called Star Knight Armor, links with the wearer neurally to allow much quicker movement and mobility compared with other power armor suits. The suit allows the wearer nearly full mobility even in the vacuum of space. These suits of armor are highly sought after by nearly every military in the Alpha Quadrant, but to date the Galadorians have not traded the technology with any other stellar nation.

Galadorians are a near-human species. They have the same racial range as humans, and even age and grow at similar rates. However, Galadorian skin is nearly uniformly bronze-tinged in color. There are a few Caucasians, but their lack of bronze tinge is due to a genetic mutation (similar to being an Albino among humans) rather than being a distinctive race.

Galadorian characters are generated as a normal human.


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